Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I just discovered the app for my phone. Maybe I'll blog more often now! There's a lot that's gone on. We have another grandson due in November. Excited for that! My siblings and I and our spouses, celebrated our 50th Anniversary in the Church on October 17th by doing a session in the Ogden Temple. What a great experience that was. Anyway, I am glad I found this app. 

Saturday, July 05, 2014


For Lani

Today you will be baptised
It is our Lord's command
With him you'll make a covenant
And take upon you His Name.

Now when you are baptised,
You are following in His steps,
Keep doing this each day,
And you will be so blessed. 

To be baptised in His Church
Live righteously each day
Because the Savior loves you
It is His chosen way. 

As you take this step today
To be clean and New again,
You are His special child,
He is your one true friend. 

Daddy's Arms

I remember when I was little,
I was so very weak,
From a defect of my heart,
That I would often seek,
The arms of my daddy,
To carry me around.
He made my young life easier,
When my strength couldn't be found.

When the doctors finally fixed me,
In days so long ago,
The doctors needed to see
That all was ready to go.
So first my mother came in,
And all that I could say,
Was I want that chair to sit in,
As I just sobbed away.

My daddy was the key
He looked me in the eye,
Then said, "Do you still love me?"
"Yes, Daddy!", was my reply.
He heard the doctors comment,
"Thank God, she'll be okay!"
And he had a scary moment.

He went out in the hallway,
And suddenly realized,
He had been playing God,
I really could have died.
He leaned against the wall,
As that thought sunk in,
That he had made the call
My chances had been slim.

Today I miss my Daddy's arms
And wish he was still here,
But he's beyond all harm,
With those that I love there.
Now that I'm a parent I see,
That I can be the arms,
As children come to me.

Memorial Day

Each Memorial Day we think of all those who lost their lives
In fighting for our freedoms, for all our forefathers strived.

We also need to think on this bright beautiful morn
Of the love our Savior has for all who have been born.

He came to earth to show the way that we should all live
In loving everyone we meet no matter who he is.

For that is all He asks that we may be reborn
And live with Him again on a future beautiful morn.

Monday, May 12, 2014

When I was a little girl
I remember my mother as tall
I wanted to fit in her shoes
I was so very small

But as I was growing up
I suddenly found I'd grown
I could finally wear her shoes
Where had the passing years flown

Then one day it happened
I passed my mother up
Her shoes no longer fit my feet
Her clothes were now too short

Then years went quickly by
And I became the smaller one
Who's children grew so tall
And now they have all flown

Life is one eternal round
The years go quickly by
Show your mother how much you care
By how you can now fly.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Jesus Christ is our brother
He died upon the cross
His life was one of sacrifice
Our souls will not be lost

His love for us is great
Our souls are His to mold
We're as clay in His hands
To bring us back to our home

As parents we must be
Like our Elder Brother is
Molding the lives of our children
Because they are always His

So children, love your parents
Honor them each day
They act as the Savior's hands
And mold our lives like clay. 
Sacrifice is a part of life
We daily show our love
To our Heavenly Father
By how we daily live
It's part of His great plan

Our parents always sacrifice
They give us everything
We feel their love forever
We know that it is real
They are our eternal spring

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 30. Questad Poem

Members of our family
There must be a million different breeds
One likes to sit under my feet like a footrest
They will listen to your problems no matter what
Another chases her tail like a spinning top
They all happily welcome me home each day with tails madly wagging!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 29  Hyperbole Poem

When you first look in your baby's eyes
You'll never be the same
Your life will be a roller coaster
Nothing will ever be tame.

They capture your heart forever more
And wrap you with their finger
You'll never ever be free again
You'll always want to linger.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 28. What If...I Might

What if I could play an instrument?
I might accompany myself

What if I was a better singer?
I could make a difference in song.

What if I could write a song?
I would write a song to help someone.

Would you listen to my song?
Day 27. Lantern Poem

Heaven's reward
Day 26. Limericks Poem

There once was a couple so fair
They thought they were walking on air
Then one bright sunny day
They were shown the right way
Now they are a happier pair
Day 25. Arbor Day Poem

I remember the day
I got my first glasses
I went outside and
Looking up at a tree,
I exclaimed, "It has leaves!"

Ever since that day
I am one of the masses
Who enjoys the sights and
Sounds of all kinds of trees
And I always think, "It has leaves!
Day 24. Poem in my Pocket

I have a poem in my pocket
It isn't on a locket
I've saved it on my cell phone
So I won't leave it home

Writing poems every day
Is helping me to say
I'm a poet and now I know it
This is a happy fit
Day 23. Clearview Poem

Justin and Shadea said they were done,
But the rabbit is dead and sadly gone,
We'll have our ninth little new one
Sometime in the fall, oh, what fun!!
Day 22. Nature Color Poem

Yellow sunshine in the morning
Now why do I feel like yawning!

Red roses smell so nice
Glad we're done with the ice.

Green grass all over the place
I'm thankful for Heaven's grac

Giggle, Gnash, Gnaw
Snarle, splish,splash
Moo, Meow, mumble
The are the sounds as our old car rumbled
Down the old bumpy highway, when I was a child.
We called her Bunky Junky as we tumbled
Down mile after mile after mile! 
Day 20.  Gratitude or Prayer Poem

Because of Him I think
Of all the blessings He gives
While of the water I drink
And eat the bread, He lives!

He atoned for all my sins,
And died upon the cross
So I can live again
My soul will not be lost.
Day 19  Free Verse Poem

As I contemplate the meaning of Easter
I consider all that occurred long ago
How our brother chose to save us
Because of His great love.

I know I can be with Him again
But I must do my part
By living my life as he did
My reward is Eternal life.

My family is eternal
And together we will be
Forever in His loving arms,
This is my greatest desire.
Day 18. Color Poem

Yellow is the color of sunlight
Yellow is joy
Yellow is a daffodil
Yellow is a soft duckling
Yellow tastes like lemonade
Yellow smelss like fresh sun-dried laundry blowing in the breeze
Yellow sounds like peeping chicks
Yellow feels like a warm hug
Yellow looks like bright buttercups
Yellow makes me happy
Yellow is warmth after the winter.

Yellow is sun, sunlight, and ducks
Yellow is kids playing in the sun
Yellow is buttercups, daisies, and lemons
Yellow is warm sunshine
Yellow is happy quacking ducks
Yellow is butter, honey, and lemonade
Yellow is being out in nature on a warm sunny day
Yellow is a field of bright flowers
Day 17. Tanka Poem

Ten years ago our
son got married to his love
and now they are four
Happiness ensues each day
they come to visit our home.
Day 16. If I Were and If You Were Poems

If I were a train 
and you were a track
You'd keep me in line
With nary a crack

If you were a jailer
and I was an inmate
You'd unlock the prison
and let me escape
Day 15  Holiday Poem

Flowers all around me
Easter choirs singing
Leg of Lamb or ham are yummy!
Soft flower petals
Day 14. 5Ws Poem

My daughter-in-law, Melinda
Is having a birthday today
She lives way out in Grantsville
So we will celebrate another day
Then we can show her how much we love her!
Day 13  Rhyming ABAB Scheme

Sunday is such a special day
I love the day so much
It is my eternal life's doorway
That provides me with Heaven's touch.
Day 12. Haiku Poem

Losing a child
The sun comes up anyway
Then your heart still beats
Day 11. Nonet Poem

There are days when the news scares you so
You want to go into a hole
But there is beauty around
Each day that you can see
So keep your head up
Look to the stars
Let fear go
Be strong
Day 10  Spring Senses Poem

Spring looks like colors bursting all around me
Spring sounds like children laughing and playing outside
Spring feels like warm hugs from the sunshine
Spring smells like newly mown grass clippings
Spring tastes like all the flavors in the world
Day 9. Grammar Poem

Books I read
Paper and digital
Keep me reading happily
Like living another life
If only I could do it al
Day 8. I Am Poem

I am happy and loving
I wonder if I'll touch many lives
I hear angels singing
I see them on the wing
I want to be the best I can
I am happy and loving 

I pretend to be confidant
I feel that I really am
I touch the stars in the heavens
I worry I haven't done enough
I am happy and loving

I understand that God lives
I say I love my Lord
I dream I am a leader
I try to help each person
I hope I can do my best
I am happy and loving.
Day 7  Cinquain Poem. Pattern two

Double trouble
Always having fun
Twice as much love
Day 6. Acrostic Poem

Early morning
A new beginning
Spring returns
To remind us of
Every soul's
Day 5  Cinquain Poem

Squares of fabric
Careful piecing swatches
It is good to be creative
Day 4 Quatrain Poem

I recently wrote this poem, loosely based on Dr Seuss's style to honor one of my co-workers who was retiring. 

Oh the things we could say
As Sylvia leaves us today
Make us sad make us crabby
Make us shout "No Way"!

But she's going to leave
There's no trick up her sleeve
So we have to say "Par-Tay"!
And that you will need to believe!
Day 3  Triplet Poem

Seeing fun movies is our way
Of having a really good day
And that is certainly okay!
Day 2. Couplet Poem

My Grandchildren make me smile
And that makes me smile a while!
Day one of National Poetry Month 2014