Saturday, July 05, 2014


For Lani

Today you will be baptised
It is our Lord's command
With him you'll make a covenant
And take upon you His Name.

Now when you are baptised,
You are following in His steps,
Keep doing this each day,
And you will be so blessed. 

To be baptised in His Church
Live righteously each day
Because the Savior loves you
It is His chosen way. 

As you take this step today
To be clean and New again,
You are His special child,
He is your one true friend. 

Daddy's Arms

I remember when I was little,
I was so very weak,
From a defect of my heart,
That I would often seek,
The arms of my daddy,
To carry me around.
He made my young life easier,
When my strength couldn't be found.

When the doctors finally fixed me,
In days so long ago,
The doctors needed to see
That all was ready to go.
So first my mother came in,
And all that I could say,
Was I want that chair to sit in,
As I just sobbed away.

My daddy was the key
He looked me in the eye,
Then said, "Do you still love me?"
"Yes, Daddy!", was my reply.
He heard the doctors comment,
"Thank God, she'll be okay!"
And he had a scary moment.

He went out in the hallway,
And suddenly realized,
He had been playing God,
I really could have died.
He leaned against the wall,
As that thought sunk in,
That he had made the call
My chances had been slim.

Today I miss my Daddy's arms
And wish he was still here,
But he's beyond all harm,
With those that I love there.
Now that I'm a parent I see,
That I can be the arms,
As children come to me.


Writing a poem isn't always easy,
You need to pick a style,
There are so many forms,
It doesn't always rhyme.

There Haiku which are so very short,
But paint a picture nonetheless,
Of things the writer knows.

The next is called a couplet,
And always has two lines,
Unlike the form called triplet,
And even one named quatrain.

Memorial Day

Each Memorial Day we think of all those who lost their lives
In fighting for our freedoms, for all our forefathers strived.

We also need to think on this bright beautiful morn
Of the love our Savior has for all who have been born.

He came to earth to show the way that we should all live
In loving everyone we meet no matter who he is.

For that is all He asks that we may be reborn
And live with Him again on a future beautiful morn.