Monday, May 12, 2014

When I was a little girl
I remember my mother as tall
I wanted to fit in her shoes
I was so very small

But as I was growing up
I suddenly found I'd grown
I could finally wear her shoes
Where had the passing years flown

Then one day it happened
I passed my mother up
Her shoes no longer fit my feet
Her clothes were now too short

Then years went quickly by
And I became the smaller one
Who's children grew so tall
And now they have all flown

Life is one eternal round
The years go quickly by
Show your mother how much you care
By how you can now fly.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Jesus Christ is our brother
He died upon the cross
His life was one of sacrifice
Our souls will not be lost

His love for us is great
Our souls are His to mold
We're as clay in His hands
To bring us back to our home

As parents we must be
Like our Elder Brother is
Molding the lives of our children
Because they are always His

So children, love your parents
Honor them each day
They act as the Savior's hands
And mold our lives like clay. 
Sacrifice is a part of life
We daily show our love
To our Heavenly Father
By how we daily live
It's part of His great plan

Our parents always sacrifice
They give us everything
We feel their love forever
We know that it is real
They are our eternal spring