Saturday, October 24, 2009

Procrastination Family!

Let's face it! We are all a family of Procrastinators! I have realized of late how important it is we get this next generation ready...They need copies of the genealogy I've done and any stories we have or it will get lost! We recently got a new hard drive for this computer and we forgot to get the info off the paf on the old one. I realized I may have to retype in all the info, but then I looked on rootsweb and found a lot of it there, so I was able to download it. I still need to update any dates and births and more recent things, but at least I was able to get most of it. I had saved my info on diskettes, but this computer would not read them anymore!!!! Technology changes so quickly and we need to copy our info into the newest things. Flash drives are not even safe! Hard copies on paper may be the best back-up available.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween costuming!

It never fails! October comes and someone needs a costume! I was about to start making myslef a cape, when Cory asked me to make him a Dr. Horrible Lab coat! Well, it hasn't been going very smoothly, but I think it will work out, even better than the one some guy made. His instructions on the internet are kind of hard to follow, and I think he didn't do an important part, so I am adding to it. We also needed a caduceus and finally found a uniform shop that would make the emblem. It turned out pretty nice, and it will make a great addition to the costume! Maybe after I get his done, I'll have time to make my cape, we'll see!