Sunday, August 23, 2009

Temple Dedication

I just got home from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication and I just wanted to jot dwon some of my impressions.
It was such a spiritual experience and I really felt overwhelmed towards the end when we were singing The Spirit of God. I felt we were joined by the angels in heaven very strongly. I was not able to sing during the second verse because of my emotions. Over the years I have found I cannot cry and sing at the same time. Still True!
When I wrote the words "Temple Dedication" for the title of this blog, I was impressed with the way those words can mean two things. One about the actual dedication ceremony and the other about our dedication to Temple service. I want to go serve in the temple more often than we have been. I feel the need to. It is such a wonderful place to be. You can forget the cares of the world for a few hours. We really need to go at least once a month! I mean, we now have about 8 temples within an hour's drive!!! Five in a half hour, so we have NO excuse! Our bishop or Stake President once said to make your date a trip to the temple, instead of always going to a movie or dinner, or whatever else you choose to do. It's probably the cheapest date around!
I will do all I can to make this happen! I love being a Savior on Mount Zion for those who've gone on before, and my reward is getting to be in those hallowed halls!


Jennie said...

Great sentiments. I found the dedication very uplifting and close to the angels too. I work in the temple Wednesday and Thursday. Hope to seeyou there sometimes.

JoAnn Arnold said...

I enjoyed reading your experience at the temple dedication. I loved working in the temple. (five years in the St. George Temple). Then health problems interferred. I hope to get back soon. I miss it. My husband is a Sealer and works two days a week. So while he is there I do genealogy, getting names ready to take to the temple. I guess that is my calling, for now

Heather B. Moore said...

I loved the dedication. Really inspiring! You said you wanted to review my ALMA book. Can you email me your address so that I can get that sent off? Thanks! heather at hbmoore dot com