Wednesday, September 02, 2009

We had a great day on Saturday at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT. We went for Taylor's 3rd b'day. I think the funnest time was when we went into the room with the animatronic dinos and saw the reactions of the Grandkids! Jaiden and Cohen were first, and they were a bit frightened at first, but we were able to convince Jaiden they were not real. He was really getting into watching them, and Cohen just followed suit. Then Madi, Lani, and JJ came in, and Madi was very intrigued. Lani took a bit, JJ was all "Fine by me" about them. I was very surprised by Taylor's reaction, because he loves dinosaurs. He was terrified and wanted nothing to do with them. He was not going to stay in that room! So, Justin took him out and walked him around other areas to calm him down and let him know it was all pretend and not real. Justin took Taylor back up about 15 minutes later and Taylor did fine. He was very into the dinos after that all through the park, even pretending to be a dinosaur. It was so cute!

On, Sunday following this trip, our Bishop was talking to a combined Priesthood and Relief Society Meeting and was talking about keeping journals. He mentioned one entry kept by his Grandfather on something the Bishop's father did as a child and it reminded me of something Cohen did at the museum, and I felt I should probably write it down.

We were done with the upstairs in the museum, and needed to take the elevator down, since I was pushing Stephanie's stroller for her. Madi, Lani, Jaiden, Cohen, and I got in with the stroller, which took up most of the space and we started going down when suddenly the alarm went off, and when I looked down,Cohen had pushed the button! It was only for a second, and it didn't cause any problems, but it sure got our attention!!! I think the staff there kind of expect that button to get pushed at least once a day, because they didn't even look up when we got off the elevator! It was kind of funny, and when I think back on it, it really makes me wonder why, in a place intended for children, they would ever put a button like that within a 1 year old's reach?? Someone didn't plan very well! We have the same problem at the Library with a fire alarm that can be reached by young children! Most of the time, it's unintentional, but it sure shocks the kid who did it!!!! Anyway, I just needed to record this incident for posterity's sake! I love my Grandkids and enjoyed spending time with all of them on Saturday, no matter what!

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