Sunday, April 24, 2011

My sweet Hanna

MY sweet Hanna

Our daughter, Hanna was born prematurely 27 years ago, but left this life 8 years ago.
She was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 8.
I am grateful for the years she was in our lives, because I learned many things..
I learned to be patient. I learned to be forgiving. I learned to be tolerant.
I learned to love unconditionally as she did.
She was a wonder, in that she never understood or cared why no one called her, when she said , “Call me!”
It didn’t matter to her, just that the person was in her life was all that mattered.
She loved babies, children, animals, and nature.
Her life was a gift to us, that we continue to marvel on.

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Taryn and Christian said...

She made a lasting impact on us all. I always smile when I think of her. She was one of my first friends. She taught me how to play, even after we were no longer mere children. She was truly remarkable and is such a sweet angel that will someday teach me about the blessings of an eternal family.