Friday, April 15, 2011

Some other poetry I've been writing this month...

Day 1 ~ Couplet

I guess I should begin right here,
to write a couplet true and dear.

I want my rhyme to make some sense,
so no one else will think I'm dense.

It's kind of fun when you begin,
and now i need to make an end!

Day 2 ~ Triplet

Now I know, the trick is so clear,
let's see what I can say right here,
it's fun to try and not to fear.

Hey, this is neat and fun to do,
I guess the words are sometimes true,
now on we go to three from two.

Day 3 ~ Acrostic Poem for April

April brings to mind so many things of God
Priesthood keys to bless so many lives
Real love on earth is sealed eternally
In temples here on earth
Love from our Father up above

Day 4 ~ Haiku

Autistic child
Disability of one
Lives turned upside down

Day 5 ~ Onomatopoeia Poem

Our cat makes a sound somewhat like a peep,

whenever she watches birds in a tree.

Don't ask me why,

she must want to fly.

Day 6 ~ "I Am" Poem

I am a mother in Zion and a singer
I wonder if I can get all my children back to Heavenly Father
I hear music all the time around me
I see me embracing my daughter in the eternities
I want to be reunited with all my lost loved ones
I am a mother in Zion and a singer

I pretend I know what I'm doing
I feel that by doing so, I will know what I'm doing
I touch the lives of all those I know
I worry that I'm not enough
I cry when one of my children is in pain
I am a mother in Zion and a singer

I understand why we need the Atonement
I say the Church is true
I dream that my courage will be rewarded
I try to teach others about the Gospel
I hope that others will know I love them
I am a mother in Zion and a singer

Day 7 ~ "If I Were" Poem

If I were a willing servant of the Lord,
I'd tell others of the Gospel and
I'd let them know the truth and,
I'd want them to be happy.
I'd be a faithful missionary

Day 8 ~ Cinquain Poem (Pattern 1)

A place you go
where our dear Father lives
He lovingly waits for us there
Our home

Day 9 ~ Cinquain Poem (Pattern 2)

Cute, cuddly
Hold them tight
Our hearts held captive

Day 10 ~ Spring Senses Poem

Spring looks like a robin's red breast
Spring sounds like birds twittering in the trees
Spring feels like a warm sweet caress
Spring smells like a honey suckle breeze
Spring tastes like ripe strawberries on your breath

That's what Spring is to me!
(I had to add the last line to finish the rhyme :o)

Day 11 ~ Limerick

There once was a girl from the city
Who was really so very pretty
She went to audition
she used such good diction
And now she is known as Miss Kitty

I wrote 2, here's the second:

American Idol's where it's at
You have to be a talented Jack
The Jills have to sing high
The judges have to sigh
Or else you could end up with the Sack

Day 12 ~ Tanka Poem

I am the older
my twin sister is taller
she's a mother of seven
two boys and five girls so fair
I too have seven I love

Day 13 ~ Grammar Poem

My eternal companion
Creative and romantic
Steady and helpful to those around
Like the rock his name stands for
If only we stay the course, eternity's ours

Day 14 was Poem in your pocket Day.

We've been challenged each day
to find something to say
in the style suggested by Stephanie

Here's one that's just fun
and I won't have to run
If I rhyme it now with an epiphany

I will post this right here
and I want to make clear
that now I might not make it in infamy

For rhyming a word
that is sort of absurd
Can be baffling and a total mystery!

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Stephanie Abney said...

Glad you posted your poems, Vicki ~ now your family and others can enjoy them!! Nicely done!